Our Magucha Kombucha

Unser Magucha Kombucha

... is a lovingly handcrafted organic kombucha.

An invigorating drink...

Literally. Kombucha is a fermented sparkling tea drink, which impresses with its exquisite ingredients, herbs, numerous nutrients and the special manufacturing process. Using our Kombucha culture (Kulcha), a Scoby, which are hard-working little yeasts and bacteria, we ferment our delicious Magucha Kombucha. It is neither heated nor pasteurized.

A drink with tradition

Despite its millennia-old tradition, especially in Asia, kombucha is not very well known here. We want to change that. Why? Because you will hardly find a drink that is as rich in vitamins, probiotics and nutrients as this delicious tea drink.

we take our time

cold brewing our teas to preserve every last nutrient and achieve a smoother, more balanced taste. It is then fermented with fresh fruit and herbs for that unique Magucha flavor. In addition, our brewing method enables an alcohol content of less than 0.4%, comparable to the alcohol content of non-alcoholic beer. This is how we stand out from the standard kombucha.

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