Über Uns & Kontakt

We’ve always understood that a shared culture is vital for happy, healthy communities, and that’s as true for microbes as it is people. We established the Kulchabox as a platform for us to explore those cultures, and to champion a sustainable, balanced approach. For us that means replicating the circular economy at the heart of the fermentation process: maximising our nutritional impact and minimising waste; reducing our environmental footprint and building strong, hyper-local networks of mutual support and collaboration. We’re perpetually curious, exploring the myriad ways we can learn from the remarkable natural processes around us, building knowledge and wellness rooted in biodiversity.

This approach underpins all that we do, but to really understand it, you really have to taste it. So, in 2020, we poured all these ideas into an actual box, containing multiple products designed to provide valuable nutrition and balance, in a year when we all needed it the most. The box contains Kombucha, Fermented, Vegetables, Chutneys, Crackers and Miso Butter, providing delicious, healthy snacks to keep you nourished. Come and expand your cultural horizons with us.

 A couple of years ago , the very beginnings ...

MaGuCha_Crowdfunding_Video from blitzar media on Vimeo.